KAYAK REPAIRS AND PARTS: We have a full service repair shop. From fiberglass repair, replacement parts, to rudder/skeg repair. Our skilled staff will get your boat back on the water in top shape! 

*Taking the Basic Safety Course will allow sea kayak rentals with us for up to 5 yrs. After 5 yrs. a "check out" or "refresher course" will be required to extend rental acceptance.

* YOU DO NOT NEED TO RENT OR TAKE THE BASIC SAFETY COURSE IF YOU ARE GOING ON A GUIDED TRIP! The course is designed to prepare you if you plan to rent and go on your own without a guide there to rescue you or make safety decisions for you. 


If you are a beginner paddler -  After taking our Basic Safety Course, plan to assess your abilities during the course and be ready to alter your trip plans depending on that assessment.

However, you should still plan your route in advance. T&T suggests paddling no more than 10 miles per day @ 2-3 m.p.h for beginners or groups with children and only 15-20 for experienced paddlers.

Also, understand that you might be tired after the Basic Safety Course since you will be doing rescues in the cold water. You may wish to start your rental the following day of the course or be sure to permit one of the closest islands. 

*Considering distances is a major factor in the safety and enjoyment level of your trip-especially during not ideal weather conditions. Please ask if you would like a suggested equipment & clothing list, and remember to pack extra food in case you are weather bound. Non-guided renters are responsible for obtaining their own permits and planning alternate trip routes and itineraries.  We do not offer refunds for bad weather or too windy or wavy for renters to get out on the lake. Be prepared with your alternate or to mainland camp with your rentals.

MAPS- Trek & Trail retail area carries a variety of maps or they can also be obtained from the Apostle Island National Park Service.

PERMITS- Permits for campsites must be obtained by you through the National Park Service. We are only allowed to obtain permits for you through our guided trips.

Apostle Island National Park Service

415 Washington Ave.

Bayfield, WI 54814

Kayak Rental Bayfield & Retail Store Hours:

OPEN  8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Everyday

Memorial Day - AppleFest (Oct 9)

( May be open before and after May 25th- Oct. 7 weather permitting)

(* Store can be opened in off season for boat sale inquiries.)

If interested in purchasing a kayak please call (715) 779-3595 

or submit message on contact form. 

  (By Calling 1-715-779-3595 or submit a message on contact form)

We carry a complete line of paddling clothing, wet suits, foot & hand gear, safety gear, dry bags, tech underwear, maps, compasses, books, camping gear, & other last minute supplies. These are a few of our major brands........

Store Hours: Everyday 8am-6pm

(Memorial Day- Labor day)

"Soft" open in days before and after, be sure to phone first!! 

* Reservations taken year round 

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