Apostle Island Overnight $269 A perfect introduction to sea kayak touring in the Apostle Islands. We will get a chance to enjoy hiking on pristine beaches, or along forest trails, and enjoy abundant wildlife. This trip is well within the ability of beginners and young families.
Paddle Through Time $389 You become a part of Lake Superior's richness as we paddle out for two nights of camping. We will hike wilderness trails, and explore rugged sandstone shorelines. This three-day kayak trip typically covers 25-30 miles of paddling.
Island Base Camp $465 During this 4-day trip, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, learning about Ojibwa history, kayak instruction, fishing as well as fun and relaxation. Sand, Oak and Stockton Islands.
  Wild Island Escape $555 If you’re looking for remote wilderness, bigger water and have a moderate amount of kayaking experience, this trip may be for you. You may enjoy the expansive sea caves at Devils Island, the fish camp on Manitou Island, and the caves of Sand Island.


Devil's Island Rendezvous $695 Kayak the Apostle Islands while stopping at all the best spots: the expansive sea caves at Devils Island, the sand spit and lagoon on Outer Island, the lighthouse on Michigan Island, the fish camp on Manitou Island, the quarries on Hermit Island, and the beaches and singing sands on Stockton Island.
  Apostle Island Photo Workshop $795 (+ watertaxi fee) This photo workshop combines the art of photography with four days of camping in the Apostle Islands. For this trip we take the watertaxi out to Stockton Island, then explore photography opportunities by hiking or sea kayaking, depending on what Mother Nature provides us. Taking the watertaxi makes it easy to keep your photo gear in good condition with a few simple precautions we'll talk about Thursday night. Layne Kennedy, professional photographer, will teach you to capture the serene beaches, sailboats, sandstone quarries, forest trails, bogs, snd majestic white pines to create your own photo adventure story.