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Check out our used boat list, available for purchase and pick up after Labor Day

Watch our Guides brave the chilly Lake Superior waters and perform rolls and rescue techniques 

Friday at 1pm

Saturday at 11am & 2pm

Sunday at 12noon

They'll be in the waters near the City Dock in front of the Bayfield Inn. 

Get out and enjoy your vacation the way it was meant to be experienced -- in a kayak on the mighty Lake Superior!

Trek & Trail's professionally guided tours offer a rich natural experience.

Come see the famous "sea caves", beautiful sandstone cliffs, and unique rock formations such as "Honeymoon Rock".

Come experience the "singing sands" on Stockton or tour one of the many historic lighthouses. How about a visit to an old fish camp, farmstead & orchard or brownstone quarry.

Guided Sea Kayak Tours,  Rentals,  Shuttles,  Instruction Courses,

New & Used boats,  Gear & Apparel

 Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking Adventures  Bayfield, WI

Parking available on a first come first serve basis each day in our conveniently located lot and on our grounds.

Located just a couple blocks from the action downtown, right near the Ferry landing.

There's just so much to do and see among the Apostle Islands!

The best, and only way to really get up close & personal with neat places like the secret tunnels & archways of the sea caves, is to get in a kayak!  Go with one of our certified guides to help ensure your safety, point out notable features, explain the history, and share fun local stories and myths along the way.

Explore all we have to offer here at Trek & Trail and let us help you plan your next sea kayaking adventure!